Garden Planters Topsoil

Garden Planters Topsoil Is A Premium Mix For Projects That Demand Quality.

The Garden Planters Mix is a premium soil that is a darker, richer, with a highly organic texture compared to the traditional native topsoils found on the Colorado front-range.  The primary soil we use is a nutrient-rich agricultural clay/laom base.  This is NOT a sub-soil clay bentonite.

To make the Garden Planters Mix we use 20% loam, 50% Black Tea Compost (STA-Certified / Class-1), and combine 30% of a top-quality agricultural clay to make this a premium mix.  This material is recommended for building landscape mounds, elevated garden boxes, potted plants, or incorporating into the existing soils to improve its overall quality.  


An Economical All-Purpose Topsoil Blend

This native topsoil mix is made from sandy/loam base which contains 40% Black Tea Compost (Class-1) to increase water retention and soil structure.  This topsoil mix is ideal for mixing into existing soils, building mounds, or for use in back filing for trees and shrubs.  The sandy/loam mixture is lighter in color compared the Garden Planter Topsoil Mix as it contains less clay.