“Most soils can be improved, and some can be improved dramatically by adding compost”. 
--Denver Water


We sell COMPOST, NOT raw manure, NOT raw peat moss. The B.O.S.S. Compost is organic matter that has been eaten-up and digested by Aerobic Bacteria.  Once the organic matter has been broken down into this form, the plant roots can then utilize these nutrients.

We start out with the best organic matters like baby poultry bird bedding, horse, steer, and dairy cow manures.  These manure bases are then combined with alfalfa, straw, corn husks, ground deciduous/coniferous tree branches, and decayed animal feed.

While composting for over 28 years B.O.S.S. Compost HAS NOT and DOES NOT deal with animal mortalities, industrial oil waste, city sludge, or any other human bio-solids, when making compost.  Think of all the things you flush down.  We’re NOT about to sell it BACK to you to put on your front lawn.  Chemicals meeting chemicals while in the sewage system form new compounds.  We’re not convinced that composting can make it safe.  Sludge waste and bio-solids will have its place in fertilizing isolated highway median strips, and reclaiming strip-mining land.  We make our compost formulas from the highest quality organic materials so that we can meet the Rocky Mountain Organics Council’s compost classification list, and the US Composting Council’s TMECC testing standards.

We compost on our designated and USR#1190 permitted compost site in Weld County, Colorado.  At this facility we use a specially engineered compost turner that spins its cutting knives at a rate of 900 RPM’s.  This fast rotation of the knives not only shreds the compost, but it also injects fresh oxygen into these windrows to help facilitate the aerobic bacterial action.  This healthy micro-life heats up the compost windrows to over 150 degrees F during the weeks of composting.  This ‘cooking’ process then destroys harmful pathogens and neutralizes weed seeds. Our compost is NOT 'static pile' cooked.  We make sure to keep all material temperatures high: this assures fresh aerobic breakdown of compost while cooking. REMEMBER:  This rich, healthy micro-life is the KEY to helping unlock the exchange action between the nutrients and the roots in your soil.

EVERY organic material we formulate and process into our composts has a PURPOSE.  It’s not the amount of raw organic matter you put into your soil, but it’s the PURITY and the QUALITY of the finished compost:  PLUS the healthy, active MICRO-LIFE that does the soil conditioning and aids with strong plant performance.

“Compost is an excellent way to increase the water holding power of root systems, which is vital to growth”.       
--Denver Water

“In sandy soils, compost acts like a sponge, retaining water that would otherwise drain below plant roots”.           
--City of Monterey Recycling Division

  “Compost makes clay soil more porous so water can drain properly”.      
City of Monterey Recycling Division



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