B.O.S.S. Compost is pure and clean, 100% federal regulation compliant, FREE of hazardous bio-solids, mortalities, oil sludge, and city waste.


Delivery Tips

  • Exact delivery times of our arrival are difficult due to the nature of traffic flows thru out the day.  A two hour window of delivery is realistic time frame for unexpected delays.  All our delivery drivers carry cell phones, and will call before they arrive to communicate for final directions to dump site.
  • It is illegal to obstruct roads by dumping materials on public streets.  Besides, nobody wants to cause problems with home owners associations or grumpy nabors.  So make sure you think of a level/flat spot on your property that a large ten-wheeled dump-truck or 18- wheeled semi truck that can safely unload the material.  Have this designated area cleared of any obstructions (fence posts, vehicles, pets, ect.) before the delivery arrives.  This will allow for a quick/safe dump time to keep from adding any extra wait-time charges.
  • Drivers will not back across concrete drives, sidewalks, ect., or enter onto the property until the ticket invoice (receipt/release form) is signed.  You the customer must understand that this is a large ten-wheeled dump or 18-wheeled semi truck that will be driving over you property’s surface’s (concrete driveways, sidewalks, stone walkways, ect…) to the final dump spot.  The customer is aware of possible property damages occurring and is solely finically responsible.



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